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2018 Poems of the Week

Here are links to each poem of the week for 2018. Wondering about the photo on this page? See note at the end of the list. Looking for 2019 poems? Use this link.

January, February, March 2018:

April, May, June 2018:

July, August, September 2018

October, November, December 2018

About the photo:

The photo at the head of this page was taken in Alaska, from the deck of a cruise ship. I stood halfway up a set of stairs that led from one deck to another. This was necessary or I would only have been able to photograph the heads and shoulders of people in front of me. The ship spent about an hour in front of this glacier. We waited–none too patiently in some cases–for it to calve. And finally, it calved. First in small bits and pieces. Then, suddenly, a whole spire from the middle-front of the glacier broke off and created a spray as high as the glacier itself.

The problem with taking photos like this one is that it is difficult to get a sense of scale into the picture. The cruise ship, huge in any other context, was dwarfed by the glacier. We were farther away than this photo seems. The mountains make the glacier seem tiny, the glacier makes the cruise ship seem tiny, the cruise ship makes a person seem tiny. Through the glacier, the blue glow of de-oxygenated ice lit by blinding sun seems to compete with the impossible blue of the sky.

Photo: Glacier, Alaska, 2015, T. M. Adair.

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