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About Me

Welcome to Poetry, Prose, Life!

About me:

I’m many things. Parent. Poet. Coffee Professional. Voracious reader. Engineer. Hapkido White Belt. Knitter & crocheter. Photographer. Fiction writer. Puzzler.

About the Blog:

Is a handful of words enough to introduce myself?  Maybe.  But it isn’t enough to introduce the blog.

Poetry, Prose, Life is my way of thinking out loud — and preferably in dialogue with readers and writers — mostly about the craft of Poetry.  When I say ‘craft’ I mean both the mechanics and the effects, criticism and technique.  It makes me a better write to engage actively in poetry whether contemporary or classic, and I hope it makes you a better reader or writer to engage in a similar way.

What to Expect:

I post roughly weekly –sometimes more often — including:

  • my thoughts about poetry technique or style
  • comments about what I am reading
  • notes about my own work–publications & other news
  • posts that are only marginally related to poetry — maybe even just a little bit of “what’s up” or “what seems interesting right now”

More About Me:

I’m a graduate of the Warren Wilson MFA program, but my first degree, earned at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, is in Chemical Engineering.

Whether poetry or some other subject, I am always interested in how things work.

I have over twenty years experience in the coffee industry, from the roasting operations through quality assurance and extending into the raw material supply chain, specifically the green coffee (it’s green before it turns that lovely, deep brown in roasting).  So you will find the occasional coffee-related thought (or poem) in my work.  As well, the travels I have been privileged to make over the years, around the world to some amazing places, feature in my thoughts & work.

I Hope You Enjoy the Journey!

If you like to think about how language functions, how writers create the effects they create, or just like to read and think about some of the mechanics of writing, I invite you to join me on this exploration.

And this isn’t such a structured blog that there isn’t room for whatever comments come to your mind, so please feel free to jump in with your opinions!

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